Dave Sutherland
Spatial Designer

One Dot Designs is based around the skills and experience of Dave Sutherland. Dave is a pioneer of new design methods empowering producers to move forward into an ever evolving globalized work environment. In the mid 2000's, Dave first started using the term Spatial Design to better describe a broad design approach based on a lifetime of design, technical and business skills. While Spatial Design will be the way of the future, One Dot is not for everyone. Dave works best with those who share his passion for high standards and quality. Most of what we do is based on referral and long term relationships with top level producers of live events and exhibits.


Orange dot icon with three people to depict One Dot team.

Proficient Team

Each member of The One Dot team has been hand picked by Dave to support the overall Spatial Design process through a wide range of disciplines. The team is highly proficient, with their greatest strength being that of collaboration and passion for each project we do.

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With over 25 years in the live production industry, Spatial Designer, Dave Sutherland has always had a creative, detailed eye for the space, both physical and digital. His technical and business savvy, further enables him to support producers with a smooth workflow.

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Dave's technical mind and his relentless desire to innovate has enabled One Dot Designs to introduce new processes, years before anyone else. Forward thinking producers have begun to embraced the new One Dot Cloud as the answer to an increasingly convoluted workflow.